What is Upholstery Furniture?

upholstery/ʌpˈhəʊlst(ə)ri,ʌpˈhɒlst(ə)ri/Learn to pronounce noun

By definition straight from Wikipedia Upholstery is soft, padded textile covering that is fixed to furniture such as armchairs and sofas. It is also a common search on google for “leather upholstery” or the art or practice of upholstering furniture.

Upholstery is the materials which include fabric, padding, webbing, and springs.

To further elaborate, upholstery is the soft coverings of chairs, sofas, and other furniture. A good upholstery is dependent on the type of material used. If it is going to be daily use furniture like in the living room, it is better to choose a woven fabric, as it is much durable. Leather also would be another option but it is not as durable as a fabric.

The fabric also tends to be an overall softer, warmer material than leather; just like your leather car seats, leather sofas can feel hot and sticky in hot weather, and leather sofas tend to feel firmer than fabric sofas.

There’s also another perk having a leathered furniture. It is much easier to clean it off, but it needs to be clean of using a correct substance, a wrong substance can cause the leather to break and damage. Here an a good article on How to Clean a Leather Couch: Safe Tips for Leather Care | Living Spaces . A general tips you may mix water and vinegar to clean your leather couch.

Let’s talk about colors, while color doesn’t really play an important roles on the build quality of a furniture but it is crucial to make your living or bedroom standsout! And at Liviano Furniture we have plenty of colors for you to pick from. Every furniture is customizable in color and you can do this only at Liviano Furniture. But if you want to be safe choose a neutral color so that you can be flexible in choosing other furniture. But Hey that is up to you to choose from!

Just to note that upholstered furniture is not only for traditional furniture, it is also for modern furniture.

The next important factor of good upholstery is the construction works, it is very important to have a professional to have your furniture upholstered. There no need for us to get into detail, but at Liviano Furniture we promise good construction work on every piece of furniture.